How to Help Your Dog Sleep Well

One of the top priorities of any dog owner is to keep his dog healthy and happy. Sleep plays an important role to keep a dog happy and healthy. If your dog is not getting proper sleep, he may develop various health problems that can be physical as well as mental. That is why it is important to make sure that you have done everything to offer a good night sleep to your loving and loyal four-legged friend. You can take the following measures to help your dog sleep well:

Living Space:

Living space of your dog plays a crucial role to help him in settling in and enjoy a comfortable life. You have to specify a most suitable place for your dog to rest and play. It has to be a place where he can enjoy his privacy and can sleep comfortably without any disturbance.

Comfortable Bed:

Along with other things, your dog’s bed is very important to help him sleep well. It has to be comfortable and big enough that he should be able to sleep on it comfortably and should be able to sit and move on it. Never share your own bed with your dog.


Regular activities have a huge influence on your dog’s sleep as well as on his health. An exhausted dog can enjoy a good sleep. You should make sure that he has enough activities so that he can stay occupied all day long.

Keep an Eye on His Health:

Being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your dog stays healthy. You have to keep a close eye on his health. If you find out that there is any change in his routine especially in his sleep patterns, you should take him to see a vet.


Your dog can enjoy a good sleep is his dietary requirements are being fulfilled. A dog who is not having the required amount of nutrients may not be able to sleep well.

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Most Common Types of Dog Growling

Growling is one of the most common behaviors of dogs. There are different factors that can lead a dog to the growling. The causes can differ from one dog to another. But a dog owner has to know all about growling because he can handle the situation in the best possible way only if he knows about it. If you are not aware of the root cause, you may try something completely unsuitable that can result in harm to the dog, yourself or to someone else.

Growling is categorized in different types. Given below are some of the most common growling types for your understanding:

Aggressive Growling:

This type of growling is more common in short-tempered or aggressive dog breeds but it is also seen in gentle dogs. There can be different reasons that can trigger aggression in a dog that may include confusion, anger, frustration or fear. If you have an aggressive dog who is growling, it is highly recommended to immediately stop doing that made him angry. Otherwise, he can attack and bite you.

Threat Growling:

A dog may feel threatened by something or a situation that he is unable to understand or if he is not familiar with it. When a dog feels threatened, he starts growling as a sign of warning. He may start moving backward while growling. He tries to walk away from the situation without giving any chance to that particular thing or person to hurt him.

Pleasure Growling:

A dog basically is a playful animal who loves to have fun all day long. If your dog is not getting much entertainment and attention from you, he may develop the habit of growling. Offering proper attention to your dog and providing him his favorites are suggested to get rid of the growling behavior.

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Common Odd Behaviors of Dogs

A dog learns a lot throughout his lifetime and the learning never ends. He observes a variety of things and situations and adopts certain attitude and behaviors. A dog adopts a particular behavior as a mean to communicate a certain message to the owner, other people and animals. There are some behaviors that are perceived as quite odd by most people as these behaviors do not make any sense to most people. Some of the most common odd behaviors of dogs are as explained below:  

Tail Chasing:

Tail chasing is quite a normal activity in dogs. A dog usually starts chasing his own tail to have fun and entertain himself especially when he has nothing else to do. It is normal and there is no need to worry unless he starts doing it excessively.

Lips Licking:

Dogs have a habit of licking their own lips. There can be several reasons for the behavior including appeasement gesture, expecting food and confusion. It is quite a normal behavior in dogs of all ages but if your dog is licking his lips excessively, he may have a health problem.

Head Tilting:

Head tilting is more common in puppies as compared to the adult dogs. They tilt their heads when they are confused about something. Moreover, a dog may tilt his head if he is trying to hear or see something but having some trouble.


Humping is another behavior considered to be odd. Most people think of it as a sexual act but it may not be the right perception. Other than dogs, they also like to hump on different objects and people. It is a playful activity that can be linked to the excitement and attention seeking.

Howling and Barking:

Howling and barking is very common in dogs of all ages. They usually bark when they feel frightened or aggressive. A dog uses it as a tool to communicate with people as well as with other dogs.

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How to Prevent Dog Bites?

Commonly, the dogs are considered as friendly pets. That is why there are huge numbers of people who prefer dogs to keep as pets. But there are different factors and scenarios that can cause a dog to get aggressive and bite someone. Each year, there are around 4.5 million people just in the United States who get bitten by dogs. That makes it extremely important for a dog owner to understand that why do dogs bite and more importantly, how you can prevent dog bites. Given below are some of the most useful suggestions that can help you to prevent dog bites:

Limit Your Dog’s Exposure:

One of the most helpful ways to prevent dog biting is limiting your dog’s exposures to certain things and situations. You should observe your dog carefully to know the factors that cause the trouble. Once you have determined the factors, you should limit your dog’s exposure to these factors. For example, if your dog gets aggressive and nervous when he is in traffic, you can prevent it by simply keeping him away from such a situation.

Solution to Physical Problem:

If you have a friendly dog and he suddenly gets aggressive, he may have some physical problem. It can be an injury, ailment or infection. You should carefully examine your dogs to know if he has some physical problem. If that is the case, you must take him to the vet immediately for proper treatment.

Solution to Emotional Issues:

Some of the dogs bite when they feel discomfort, fear, anxiety or nervousness. These are all emotional factors that can lead even a friendly dog to bite someone. You have to know the actual elements behind the problem and should take the required measures to eliminate the problem.

Training and Socializing:

Proper training and socialization play crucial role to prevent aggression and biting problems in dogs. You must train and socialize your dog so that he can live among humans without any trouble and can learn how to react to certain things and situations.

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Common Sleeping Behaviors of Dogs

Just like humans, sleep is important for dogs as well. It helps the dogs to get ready for next day’s activities. Different dogs have different sleeping habits. Some dogs enjoy deep sleep whereas some are known as light sleepers. Some dogs sleep completely calm but some can be doing different sorts of movements even while sleeping. Stated below are some of the most common sleeping behaviors of dogs:

Deep Sleepers:

The dogs who enjoy deep sleep act in certain ways that can be usually perceived as problematic by most dog owners. But the fact of the matter is that it can be completely normal. A deep sleeper can be acting out his dreams while he is asleep. If your dog is grunting occasionally or barking softly, wagging his tail or twitching, there is nothing to worry about. Such behavior is more common in puppies as compared to the senior dogs.

Light Sleepers:

Light sleeping is common in dogs who do not have much to do. Their boredom may cause them to have a quick and light nap. They can stay fairly alert even when sleeping. If they sense any sound or movement while sleeping, their ears may start moving to detect the sound or movement. They stay alert even while sleeping because they are constantly looking for some activities to stay busy and entertain themselves. 

Circling Sleeping Area:

Some dogs have a habit of circling around the sleeping place before they go to sleep. It is completely normal. It is believed that they have adopted the habit from their ancestors, wolves. Some of the dogs may even dig a bit from sleeping. They do so with the intent of making their sleeping place comfortable. But if your dog circles around more than just a few times, he may be having trouble settling in because of neurological or arthritis. In such a situation, visiting a vet is highly recommended so that you can treat the problem immediately.

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How to Deal With Dog Growling?

Growling is considered as one of the most common behaviors of dogs. They mostly use it as a way to warn others. There can be various reasons for a dog to growl including fear, anxiety, aggression, pain and illness. Being a dog owner, it is important for you to know that how to deal with dog growling. Given below are some of the most effective ways to handle the growling problem of your dog:

Get to the Root Cause:

The first and foremost thing to do is get to the factors that cause your dog to start growling. There can be different reasons for a dog to growl. Usually, a dog start growling when he is afraid, feels threatened or confused. He may also growl if he is sick. Knowing the root cause can offer you a great help in handling the situation in a better and effective way.

Limit Your Dog’s Exposure:

You can control the growling issue of your dog through controlling his exposure to the factors or situations that cause the problem. For example, if your dog gets anxious and confused while he is out in the traffic, you can stop taking him out at such places.

Training and Behavior Modification:

Dogs growl because of certain elements like fear, confusion and anger. You can control and even eliminate the problem through proper training and socialization. If he has problem with certain things, you can introduce and socialize your dog with these things slowly. Once he gets familiar with these things, he will not feel confused or frightened and will stop growling.

See A Vet:

If your dog is growling because of pain or illness, it is highly suggested to see a vet immediately. Even if you are unable to control the growling problem, consulting a vet is highly advised. He will examine your dog properly and will diagnose the actual problem. He can treat your dog successfully by eliminating the root cause.

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Factors Influencing Your Dog’s Sleep

Sleep is important for animals as well as for the humans. It helps your dog to stay healthy and to get ready for the next day’s activities. Sleep requirements usually vary from one dog to another. But most commonly, a puppy need 18 to 20 hours of sleep in a day whereas an adult dog requires a sleep of 12 to 14 hours. Sleeping habits and patterns of your dog can also be helpful to know if your dog is healthy or if he is having a problem.

The sleeping patterns and duration of a dog depend on various factors including the ones mentioned below:


The breed of your dog does influence the sleeping habits of your dog. But when it comes to the sleep duration, it may not have a huge influence as compared to other factors but the breed does matter. So, when you are adopting a new dog, you must know the sleeping patterns and duration for of the breed.


Health of your dog is a very important factor when it comes to the sleeping habits of a dog. If your dog is completely healthy, he will be enjoying his regular sleep hours. But a dog who has any health issues will be having a lot less sleep than his regular sleeping hours. If your dog is not sleeping properly, you should see a vet immediately to resolve the problem.

Daily Activities:

Your dog’s activities also influence his sleep patterns. A dog who is active and has lots of activities to enjoy may sleep less. But a dog with just a few activities can become bored, restless and may sleep for longer hours.


A dog living in a comfortable place can enjoy a fine sleep without any problem. But if your dog is not comfortable with his environment or his sleeping place or even bed, he will stay restless and may not sleep properly.

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