Common Sleeping Behaviors of Dogs

Just like humans, sleep is important for dogs as well. It helps the dogs to get ready for next day’s activities. Different dogs have different sleeping habits. Some dogs enjoy deep sleep whereas some are known as light sleepers. Some dogs sleep completely calm but some can be doing different sorts of movements even while sleeping. Stated below are some of the most common sleeping behaviors of dogs:

Deep Sleepers:

The dogs who enjoy deep sleep act in certain ways that can be usually perceived as problematic by most dog owners. But the fact of the matter is that it can be completely normal. A deep sleeper can be acting out his dreams while he is asleep. If your dog is grunting occasionally or barking softly, wagging his tail or twitching, there is nothing to worry about. Such behavior is more common in puppies as compared to the senior dogs.

Light Sleepers:

Light sleeping is common in dogs who do not have much to do. Their boredom may cause them to have a quick and light nap. They can stay fairly alert even when sleeping. If they sense any sound or movement while sleeping, their ears may start moving to detect the sound or movement. They stay alert even while sleeping because they are constantly looking for some activities to stay busy and entertain themselves. 

Circling Sleeping Area:

Some dogs have a habit of circling around the sleeping place before they go to sleep. It is completely normal. It is believed that they have adopted the habit from their ancestors, wolves. Some of the dogs may even dig a bit from sleeping. They do so with the intent of making their sleeping place comfortable. But if your dog circles around more than just a few times, he may be having trouble settling in because of neurological or arthritis. In such a situation, visiting a vet is highly recommended so that you can treat the problem immediately.

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