How to Deal With Dog Growling?

Growling is considered as one of the most common behaviors of dogs. They mostly use it as a way to warn others. There can be various reasons for a dog to growl including fear, anxiety, aggression, pain and illness. Being a dog owner, it is important for you to know that how to deal with dog growling. Given below are some of the most effective ways to handle the growling problem of your dog:

Get to the Root Cause:

The first and foremost thing to do is get to the factors that cause your dog to start growling. There can be different reasons for a dog to growl. Usually, a dog start growling when he is afraid, feels threatened or confused. He may also growl if he is sick. Knowing the root cause can offer you a great help in handling the situation in a better and effective way.

Limit Your Dog’s Exposure:

You can control the growling issue of your dog through controlling his exposure to the factors or situations that cause the problem. For example, if your dog gets anxious and confused while he is out in the traffic, you can stop taking him out at such places.

Training and Behavior Modification:

Dogs growl because of certain elements like fear, confusion and anger. You can control and even eliminate the problem through proper training and socialization. If he has problem with certain things, you can introduce and socialize your dog with these things slowly. Once he gets familiar with these things, he will not feel confused or frightened and will stop growling.

See A Vet:

If your dog is growling because of pain or illness, it is highly suggested to see a vet immediately. Even if you are unable to control the growling problem, consulting a vet is highly advised. He will examine your dog properly and will diagnose the actual problem. He can treat your dog successfully by eliminating the root cause.

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