Most Common Types of Dog Growling

Growling is one of the most common behaviors of dogs. There are different factors that can lead a dog to the growling. The causes can differ from one dog to another. But a dog owner has to know all about growling because he can handle the situation in the best possible way only if he knows about it. If you are not aware of the root cause, you may try something completely unsuitable that can result in harm to the dog, yourself or to someone else.

Growling is categorized in different types. Given below are some of the most common growling types for your understanding:

Aggressive Growling:

This type of growling is more common in short-tempered or aggressive dog breeds but it is also seen in gentle dogs. There can be different reasons that can trigger aggression in a dog that may include confusion, anger, frustration or fear. If you have an aggressive dog who is growling, it is highly recommended to immediately stop doing that made him angry. Otherwise, he can attack and bite you.

Threat Growling:

A dog may feel threatened by something or a situation that he is unable to understand or if he is not familiar with it. When a dog feels threatened, he starts growling as a sign of warning. He may start moving backward while growling. He tries to walk away from the situation without giving any chance to that particular thing or person to hurt him.

Pleasure Growling:

A dog basically is a playful animal who loves to have fun all day long. If your dog is not getting much entertainment and attention from you, he may develop the habit of growling. Offering proper attention to your dog and providing him his favorites are suggested to get rid of the growling behavior.

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