Common Odd Behaviors of Dogs

A dog learns a lot throughout his lifetime and the learning never ends. He observes a variety of things and situations and adopts certain attitude and behaviors. A dog adopts a particular behavior as a mean to communicate a certain message to the owner, other people and animals. There are some behaviors that are perceived as quite odd by most people as these behaviors do not make any sense to most people. Some of the most common odd behaviors of dogs are as explained below:  

Tail Chasing:

Tail chasing is quite a normal activity in dogs. A dog usually starts chasing his own tail to have fun and entertain himself especially when he has nothing else to do. It is normal and there is no need to worry unless he starts doing it excessively.

Lips Licking:

Dogs have a habit of licking their own lips. There can be several reasons for the behavior including appeasement gesture, expecting food and confusion. It is quite a normal behavior in dogs of all ages but if your dog is licking his lips excessively, he may have a health problem.

Head Tilting:

Head tilting is more common in puppies as compared to the adult dogs. They tilt their heads when they are confused about something. Moreover, a dog may tilt his head if he is trying to hear or see something but having some trouble.


Humping is another behavior considered to be odd. Most people think of it as a sexual act but it may not be the right perception. Other than dogs, they also like to hump on different objects and people. It is a playful activity that can be linked to the excitement and attention seeking.

Howling and Barking:

Howling and barking is very common in dogs of all ages. They usually bark when they feel frightened or aggressive. A dog uses it as a tool to communicate with people as well as with other dogs.

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