Most Helpful Tips for Puppy Training

When you bring a puppy home, you have to train him to live among people. The training has a very important effect on your dog’s life so you must train him properly. Given below are some of the most helpful tips for puppy training:

House Training:

House training should be a top priority for any dog owner. It is important for your puppy to understand and follow the rules to live in the house. If your dog is not trained to follow the rules, he may pee inside the house, break stuff or even may hurt someone. Put your puppy on a proper schedule for everything whether eating, walking outside or peeing.


It is an important part of training where you make your puppy comfortable with people as well as things. It is a crucial part of training where you have to introduce your puppy to new people, places and situations. You have to do it gradually and should introduce your dog to new faces and things one by one.


It may sound inhumane to most of the people but confinement is important for your puppy’s training. You should keep him in a crate only for a few hours at a time. As he is not trained yet to live in the house without any supervision, the confinement helps you to keep him and people living in the house safe.

Positive Reinforcement:

It is very effective to train a puppy with positive reinforcement. It helps you to develop a strong bonding with your dog that is extremely important for efficient training lessons. Moreover, if your dog has any behavior problem, positive reinforcement is quite effective to resolve the issue.

Prohibit Biting:

You have to let your puppy know that biting someone is not allowed at all. When you are playing and he tries to use his mouth too hard, you should stop playing. After a few times, he will understand that he is not supposed to bite and will give up the biting.

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