Types of Aggression in Dogs

Aggression in dogs is considered as one of the most harmful but very common issues. It is quite a complicated topic because there are different factors and situations that can cause a dog to be aggressive. If you are looking for ways to treat aggression in your dog, you must take your time to know that what type of aggression your dog has. There are different types of aggression in dogs. Some of the most common types are as stated below:

Pain Caused Aggression:

Even if you have a very friendly and gentle dog, the pain can cause him to react aggressively. If your dog has an aggression because of the pain, you must handle him carefully. The aggression can even cause him to hurt you or bite you irrespective of how friendly he is.

Possessive Aggression in Dogs:

Since humans have started domesticating dogs, they have evolved a lot. Yet they are unable to completely get rid of their native traits. Possession is one of these traits. Dogs used to face fierce competitions in the wilds for their food and shelter that made them possessive. They can quickly get aggressive when it comes to their possessions.

Fear Aggression:

When a dog feels threatened by something, he tries to get away from that instantly. But if he fails to find a way to get away, he will get aggressive and will try to fight it. It is quite natural even in humans.

Predatory Aggression:

Dogs are wild animals by nature and aggression is one of their native traits. They are known as closely related to two of the most aggressive animals, coyotes and wolves. Some of the dog breeds are highly aggressive but some are known as friendly dogs. Yet, all of the dogs have the aggressive behavior whether high or very low. If your dog has a high predatory aggression, you have to be more careful. Such dogs usually do not show any signs of aggression like growling or showing their teeth and can attack promptly.

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