How to Read Body Language of Your Dog?

Communication is important in any situation for everyone. You may have to face various problems if you are unable to communicate your message properly. The same goes for the dogs as well. They are non-verbal and use body language to convey their message. That makes it crucial for any dog owner to know and understand the body language of his dog. If you are unable to understand what your dog is trying to tell you, you both can have some serious problems. Please refer below to understand the body language of a dog:

A Playful Dog:

If your dog has bright eyes, his ears are up and he is rapidly waging his tail, he is excited and happy. He is interested in having some good time and wants to play with you.

A Confident Dog:

Perked up ears, bright eyes and head held high are the signs of a confident dog. Some of the dogs may even have a relaxed but slightly opened mouth, curl loosely and may gently swaying tail.

A Fearful Dog:

If a dog is standing very low to the ground with the tail between his legs, ears flat back and narrowed eyes, he is afraid of something or someone. Moreover, trembling is quite a common sign of a fearful dog.

An Aggressive Dog:

An Aggressive dog lung forward while he has placed his feet firmly on the ground. He has narrowed eyes, straight tail and a straight head looking directly into your eyes. An aggressive dog bares his teeth and barks in order to warn others that he can attack at any time.

A Submissive Dog:

A submissive dog usually averts his eyes with his head and ears down. He may also lick or nuzzle the owner as well as other dogs. He does so in order to show his passive intent to them. A submissive dog is also likely to roll on his back.

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