Natural Remedies for Aggression in Dogs

Aggression in a dog can cause some serious trouble to the dog as well as to the dog owner. That is why a dog owner must take all the required measures to eliminate the problem. There are different factors for different dogs to get aggressive. That makes it important for any dog owner to carefully observe and diagnose the factors first. After the proper diagnosis of the factors, he should look for the right treatment.

There are different ways to treat the aggression in dogs including the training and medication. Relying on just one way of treatment can take longer and may not be able to offer you the desired results. Whereas combining the both can offer you the desired results at a faster pace. In some cases, a proper and carefully designed training can help you only to reduce the aggression in your dog but may fail to eliminate it completely. Provided below are some of the most useful ingredients that can help your dog to fight against the aggression successfully:

Vitamin B1 and B6:

Both of the vitamins can play a crucial role in treating dog aggression. B1 enhances body’s aptitude against stress through improving the immune system. And B6 can regulate the anxiety and mood of your dog through producing serotonin. These are known as the anti-stress vitamins and can offer your impressive results in the treatment of dog aggression.


The use of Vervain is also recommended for treating dog aggression. It helps to calm the anxiety and stress in dogs through strengthening their nervous system. You can use it with other similar herbs for the treatment without any worries.


It is one of the most useful herbs used for aggression treatment. It can provide a general boost to the nervous system that can lower the anxiety and stress in dogs. Scullcap is being used successfully for the treatment of epilepsy, nervous spasms and hysteria for many years.

Passion Flower:

Passion flower is a highly recommended herb to treat occasional anxiety and aggression that is triggered by emotional stress. It can be quite helpful to sooth the anxiety and tension in dogs and keeping them calm and relax.

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