Why Do Dogs Shake?

All the dog owners want to see their dogs healthy and happy, which is why they tend to take all the necessary measures. If a dog is in need of something or he is having any trouble, he tries to explain it through his behavior and body language. You can only take proper care of your dog if you know these signs. Shaking is such a sign that can be used by a dog to convey a message. Sometime a dog may shake his body for completely normal reasons but other times, it can be due to some problem.

Given below are some of the most common reasons for a dog to shake his body:

Attention Seeking:

Some dogs may use the body shaking as a tool to get the owner’s attention. Though it is not a problem itself but it can lead to a certain behavior that can cause trouble. So, if your dog is shaking his body for the purpose of attention seeking, you should neglect it.

Shaking After a Bath:

A dog has a furry coat that can soak lots of water. The shaking after taking a bath helps him to shake off the extra water. Amazingly, the trick helps a dog to remove almost 70 percent of the excessive water. It is completely normal for all dogs and there is no need to worry. In fact, it has quite a positive effect on a dog’s health as it helps to prevent hypothermia.

Pain or Sickness:

The reasons when a dog owner should be worried is when a dog is shaking or shivering because of pain or any sickness. The problem can be as simple as a cold or fever or it can be nausea, inflammatory brain disease or seizure. If your dog is shaking or shivering because of a sickness or pain, you must contact the vet immediately.  

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