Why Do Dogs Growl?

Being a dog owner, it is extremely important for you to read your dog in order to know his needs. A dog uses his body language to convey his message to the owner. If you are unable to understand the message, there can be different types of problems. Growling is such a sign in dogs that can help them to convey their message effectively. There can be various reasons for a dog to start growling including anger and frustration. If you understand the reason why your dog is growling, you can handle the situation in a better way.

Given below are some of the most common reasons for a dog to growl:

Pain or Sickness:

Pain and sickness are among the most common reasons for a dog to start growling. When a dog is having pain or some ailment, he may or may not start growling. He usually starts growling when someone is touching and poking his body. It causes the pain to increase and also make the dog confuse that can lead to the growling. It is a sign to let the person know that he should leave him alone.

Possession Issues:

It was not long ago that the dogs used to live in the wilds and had to compete against other animals to survive. It has built a natural possession behavior in dogs. Though the dogs are domesticated now but they still possess their native attributes. If they feel a threat to any of their belongings, they may get aggressive. The anxiety, fear and aggression can lead a dog to start growling.

Confusion and Fear:

When a dog is confused and afraid of someone or something, he adopts the most suitable solution which can be running away. But if running away is not possible, he may stand his ground and start growling. For example, when a dog sees a complete strange face approaching him, he may get afraid of the person. As a reaction to the situation, he will start growling to warn the stranger that he should not come closer and should leave immediately.   

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