When You Should Be Worried of Dog’s Shaking?

Dogs use their body language to convey a message, which makes it important for any dog owner to understand the signs and behavior of his dog. Shaking body is one of the important ways to understand the needs of your dog but it can be confusing. Shaking is quite common in all the dogs. There can be different reasons for different dogs to shake their bodies. Sometimes a dog may shake his body for completely normal reasons but there are few scenarios where you should be worried.

Given below are some of the reasons for a dog to shake his body when you should be worried of your dog’s shaking:


If your dog is having pain, he may start shivering and shaking. It is his effort to get rid of the pain. In some situations, it may help your dog to reduce the pain but not in all the problems leading to pain. You should touch your dog gently at various parts of his body to know where he is feeling the pain and it may also lead you to the cause of the pain.


There are different things that can cause a dog to stress out. Some dogs can even get anxious or stressed because of some very simple reasons. The reasons can be as simple as alarm beeping, getting bored or even travelling to some place in a car. In some scenarios, the issues leading to stress can be some negative experiences in the past. When the stress level of a dog gets high, he can start shaking or shivering in order to relieve the stress.


A dog may start shaking his body or shivering if he is sick. There are different illnesses that can lead to the shaking or shivering. These issues may include hypothermia, fever, nausea, distemper, kidney problems, GTS, seizure or even inflammatory brain diseases.

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