Types of Rewards for Dog Training

Training is an important phase for a dog to spend a comfortable and satisfied life. But most of the dogs are usually not interested in learning. Positive reinforcement can be very helpful in such a situation. When your dog follows your command, you should offer him a reward. There are different types of things that can be used as a reward. Some of the most common and most effective rewards are as given below:

Tasty Treats:

The most favorite reward of any dog is a tasty treat. There are different types of dog foods available in the market that can be used as a treat. But offering excessive treats and food to a dog can cause various types of health issues. So, you have to be very careful when using a tasty treat as a reward. The total amount of food should not exceed the dietary requirements of your dog. You will have to adjust the amount of food and treats you are offering your dog accordingly.

Petting and Hugging:

Another ideal reward for your dog is petting or hugging him when he completes a task successfully. It is quite effective to keep your dog interested in learning. They like the affection and attention they receive from their owners. Moreover, it helps you to develop a stronger bond with your dog.

Interactive Toys:

You can find different types of interactive toys available in the market. It can offer you a great convenience in your selection of the right types of toys for your dog. They love such toys because it keeps them busy and entertained. In addition, these toys are quite helpful for your dog’s mental exercise.

Playing Games:

Another good way to reward your dog for following your command is initiating a game after the successful completion of the task. All of the dogs love to play various types of games. There are some simple games that you can play with your dog like fetching and chasing.    

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