Why Do the Dogs Run Away From Home?

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There are many problems that you may have to face if you own a dog. Running away from home is such a problem that has been observed in various dogs. There can be different reasons for dogs to try to run away from home including the ones mentioned below:


One of the most common reasons for a dog to run away from a home is getting bored. If your dog does not have much to do and he is not getting the exercise he needs, he will try to run away from the home. He will do so to explore new things and to visit new places.


There are many dogs who run away to look for a mate. It is more common in male dogs. It does not really matter that how much you have been taking care of your dog. The mating urge is very strong. It can cause even most socialized and sensible dogs to act in unexpected ways.

Easy to Run Away:

Some dogs may run away from home simply because it is easy and there are no hurdles. For example, if you keep the front door of your yard open, the dog may find it as an opportunity and may run away. They like to roam around and to discover new things that can lead them to take the opportunity.

Prey Drive:

It is their native behavior to hunt which is why they have a prey drive. In some dogs, the drive can be very strong but in some, it can be very weak. It differs from one dog to another depending on various factors including the dog breed and training. There are many cases where a dog just ran away to catch a potential prey.

Scared of Noises or Bright Lights:

There have been various cases where a dog ran away because it was too loud, noisy and bright in the house. If your dog is not feeling comfortable with his surroundings, he is most likely to run away. If you are partying at home, make sure that your dog stays safe and protected from the noise and bright lights.

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Family Sunset Portrait Corgis Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin PUZL54615 (551 pc. 18" x 24")

Family Sunset Portrait Corgis Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin PUZL54615 (551 pc. 18″ x 24″)

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