Treating Moderate and Severe Separation Anxiety

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Minor separation anxiety is easier to treat as compared to the moderate and severe anxieties. Moderate and severe separation anxieties can take more time and may require more effort from the dog owner to cure. Given below are some of the most helpful measures that can be taken by the dog owner:

Building-up Dog’s Tolerance:

Usually, a dog displays the signs of separation anxiety when the owner is not around. So building up the tolerance level of your dog to your absence can be quite helpful. You can build the tolerance gradually, so you will have to be patient and consistent. Initially, you can perform the same activities as you would while leaving for work. Stay out for a few minutes and reenter. Increase the time gradually. You are not required to leave your house for the training but you should be out of sight of your dog.

Re-Associate Certain Cues:

Dogs associate certain actions to their activities. That is how your dog knows that you are leaving. He knows that when you are wearing your coat and shoes and picking up keys, you are leaving the house. You will have to re-associate all such actions to other activities. For example, you can wear your shoes or pick-up the keys and start watching TV. It will let your dog know that these actions are not always for the same purpose.

Consult A Dog Trainer or Behaviorist:

If your dog has a severe separation anxiety, you are suggested to visit either a dog behaviorist or a trainer. You will have to make sure that you are visiting a certified professional who has all the required knowledge and experience to treat the severe case of the anxiety. Explain everything related to the problem in detail. It will help the trainer to come up with the right and effective solution. You can either ask your friends or search online for the selection of the right dog behaviorist.

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I Love Poodle Dogs in a Cart Puzzle with Photo Tin (252 pc.)

I Love Poodle Dogs in a Cart Puzzle with Photo Tin (252 pc.)

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