Ways to Stop Ten Common Dog Behavior Issues

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Dogs can adopt different behavior issues throughout their lives. Given below are ten most common dog behavior issues and how you can stop them.

1- Begging for Food:

It is quite common in dogs of all ages. Just stop giving food to the dog from the table. You can also place your dog away from the dining room when you are going to have a meal.

2- Whining:

Whining is a way for a dog to get your attention. You should never react to the whining otherwise the dog will know that it works and he will keep repeating it.

3- Constant Barking:

Training your dog to obey your commands can resolve the barking problem. Or you can offer him something better to stay busy like a toy to play with.

4- Hyperactivity:

Hyperactivity can be caused by various reasons including lack of exercise. Make sure that your dog gets a reasonable amount of daily exercise. If it is just to gain your attention, simply ignore it.

5- Leash Pulling:

Always use a short leash but a loose one. When you are walking the dog and he starts pulling the leash, stop walking. Eventually, he will stop pulling the leash.

6- Chewing on Different Things:

This is a very dangerous habit that has to be stopped. You can give him a chewing toy that he likes the most which will help you to break the habit.

7- Stealing:

There can be several reasons for the behavior. You can keep your things protected away from your dog and place different toys around that will keep him busy.

8- Digging:

Digging is something that has to be stopped right away when he starts doing it. You can stop him by offering his favorite toys or by scolding him.

9- Chasing Things:

It can be dangerous for the dog especially when he is outside. It can be stopped by training the dog to listen to your commands and obeying. A strong leash can also be helpful to stop the chasing.

10- Separation Anxiety:

It is commonly triggered because of the lack of activity while you are away. You should provide enough toys and games to your dog that he may stay busy till you come home.

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Happy Holidays with Santa Sleeping with Australian Shepherd Dogs Christmas Pillow

Happy Holidays with Santa Sleeping with Australian Shepherd Dogs Christmas Pillow