Are the Dog Parks Safe For Your Dog?

Doggie of the Day Scenic Waterfall Poodle Dog Garden Flag GFLG49310

Dog park is a rising trend of these days. You can find different parks in different areas. There are huge numbers of people who prefer these parks and the numbers are increasing rapidly. These parks are offering various advantages to the dog owners, which is why more and more people are taking their dogs to these parks. These parks are specifically designed for dogs so that they can enjoy as much as they like. But one of the major questions is that whether these dog parks are safe for the dogs or not?

Social Hub:

Dog parks are considered social hubs not just for dogs but for dog owners as well. There are numbers of dogs playing and running in the park. Your dog gets the chance to meet numerous new dogs and befriend with them. It sounds quite ideal. But fact of the matter is that it may not work for your dog the way you may have expected. There are different kinds of dogs in the park. Some of these dogs are properly trained and know their traits. But there can be some dogs that are not friendly at all. Or sometimes a dog may not like something and react in some unsafe manner and can cause trouble.

Off-Leash Dogs:

One of the main reasons for the huge popularity of dog parks is that the dogs can enjoy their time off-leash. Although, it is fun for dogs as they can feel free and enjoy their freedom at the park. But one dog’s freedom can be a problem for another dog. All the dogs are off-leash and can be very hard to control if they get nervous or feel threatened. It can be a huge safety risk for the dogs.

Ganged-Up Dogs:

There have been some issues at dog parks when the dogs ganged up and caused some serious trouble. The dogs can be ganged up against other dogs or even against the dog owners. In such a situation, the dogs can easily overwhelm any dog or even dog owner.  It can be quite a dangerous situation for dogs as well as for the dog owners.

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Doggie of the Day Scenic Waterfall Poodle Dog Garden Flag GFLG49310

Doggie of the Day Scenic Waterfall Poodle Dog Garden Flag GFLG49310

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