Choosing a Dog Breed: Large Dogs

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Dog owners make the selection of the right dog based on various characteristics of the dogs. For most people, dog size is not important but for some, it matters a lot. There can be various reasons for someone to prefer a large dog breed over a small one. People adopt dogs for different reasons. The most common reasons include guarding the house and for the sake of companionship. There are many large dog breeds in either of the categories.It means that for whatever purpose you need a large dog, you can get one without any problem.

Below are some of the important factors to consider while selecting a large dog breed:

Purpose of the Dog:

The first and most important thing to consider is that why you actually need a dog. Whether you need a watch dog or companion dog? Different breeds have different characteristics and skills that are built in them by nature. If you need a dog to keep around your kids, you cannot adopt an aggressive dog. You will need a gentle and friendly dog. But for a watch dog or attack dog, criteria is quite the opposite.

Learning Skills:

Another important factor is the learning abilities of the dog. You should select a dog who is easy to train or can be trained with some effort but never select a rigid dog. There are various skills that you have to teach a dog whether he is a watch dog or companion dog.

Exercise Requirements:

Each dog breed has different requirements of exercise. Some breeds can stay happy and healthy with a minimum amount of exercise but some require too much exercise on daily basis. If a dog fails to get the required level of exercise, it can cause various health issues. So, make sure that you have enough time for the dog you are selecting that you can take care of his exercise schedule.

Grooming of the Dog:

Just like exercise, the dogs also require proper grooming. Some require grooming more than others. So, select such a breed for whom you can manage the time to groom. Grooming can also have some serious effects on your budget, so you must consider it carefully.

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Cairn Terrier Dog Indoor Outdoor Floormat

Cairn Terrier Dog Indoor Outdoor Floormat

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