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Every dog owner likes to take his dog outside for a walk or to a dog park so that the dog can have exercise and can enjoy the world outside the house. But it can turn into a serious problem if your dog has an aggression issue towards other dogs. Dog aggression towards other dogs is not something uncommon. There are many dogs who have to the problem especially the adult dogs. Some dogs may develop the aggression problem right from the time they hit puberty. Here is everything you need to know about dog aggression towards other dogs:

Causes of Aggression:

There can be several reasons for the aggression. One of the most common reasons is the nature of the breed. Some dog breeds are naturally aggressive especially towards other dogs. In some dogs, the problem can be caused by the lack of training and socializing. It can also be a sudden outburst against other dogs. In some cases, any previous experience or accident may cause aggression is a dog.

Resolving the Aggression Problem:

There are two ways to resolve the issue that are:

1- Socializing and Training:

The first and foremost way to treat the aggression problem is socializing your dog and training him to behave in different situations. Through socializing, he can get comfortable with new faces and to be around other dogs. It may not start working instantly and may require patience.

2- Desensitization:

Desensitization is a very effective way to treat aggression in dogs especially if the dog has problem with a certain place, person or animal. In this method, you expose the dog to whatever triggers the aggression in the dog. In this scenario, other dogs are the reason of aggression.

You will have to place another dog at a distance where your dog can see him but may not react instantly. Repeat the same a couple of times and then start reducing the distance. When your dog starts exhibiting aggression, move the dog away. You will have to keep repeating the same and reducing the distance until your dog gets comfortable with other dog. It can take longer to work so you have to be very patient and consistent.

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