Humane Ways to Train Your Dog

4 Dogs Playing Poker English Springer Spaniel Mousepad

One of the most important stages of a pet dog’s life is training. There are different ways that can be adopted to train a dog. Some people think that hitting or punishing a dog can offer better results faster but that is not true. Just like humans, dogs also like to be praised and loved and it has faster results to offer. Given below are some important suggestions for dog owners who want to know humane ways to train a dog:

Be Patient and Gentle:

The first and foremost thing to know for any dog owner is that to train a dog you have to be patient and gentle with him. Training a dog can take longer or you may have to repeat same things over and over again depending on your dog and his breed. Some dogs can learn faster but some require more time. Start can be slow but eventually the dog will pick up the pace and will start learning quickly.

Be Consistent:

Another important thing is consistency when you are training a dog. You have to be consistent and should never give up on your dog. Some dogs can take longer to understand what you are trying to tell him but they will understand your commands and will start acting accordingly. Be consistent and teach him one command at a time. Do not move to next command until he masters the first one.

Start Small:

You should start with simple, easy and small commands like calling his name. The name must be simple and short so that your dog can quickly get it. After he starts responding to his name, you can move to next simple commands like come, sit, run etc.

Offer Love, Praises and Treats:

One of the crucial parts of positive reinforcement in dog’s training is offering him treats once he does as you command him to do. The treats can be something delicious to eat for your dog or it can be even a petting or hug. It will encourage him and he will start learning faster.

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4 Dogs Playing Poker English Springer Spaniel Mousepad

4 Dogs Playing Poker English Springer Spaniel Mousepad

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