Managing Dogs with other Pets

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Dogs are adorable creatures but they can also be very aggressive and dangerous at times. Managing dogs with other pets can be extremely challenging in most cases. But luckily there are some guidelines that can help you if you want to bring another pet into your house.

Breeds of Dogs:

When you are planning to bring a dog into a house where you already have some other pets, you have to be very careful about your selection. Not all dog breeds are meant to co-exist with other pets. Some of the breeds are naturally designed to hunt and kill birds and other animals. All your efforts to keep peace between the pets can be wasted if you have chosen the wrong breed. So instead of selecting an extremely aggressive and hunting breed, you should select the one that is suitable for the purpose.

Introducing the Pets:

It is a matter of extreme importance that how you introduce your pets to the newcomer. You should introduce newcomer to the pets separately as each one of them will have a different reaction. If you already have a dog and bringing some other pet in the house, you should introduce the both in calm and relax environment being other than the house. Dog consider the house as his “home turf” that can create some serious problems. Walking or keeping both pets together with a leash on the dog can be helping. You should keep the leash on when they are together until you think that they are getting along well enough.

Safe Space:

You have to make sure that each of your pets has its own space and it is safe for him. He should stay comfortable and should not feel any threat from other pets. It will also help you to keep all the pets safe. Moreover, no pet likes any intervention into their personal space.

Careful Management:

Careful management is the key to successfully keep your pets together peacefully. You should keep your dog’s leash on when he is around other pets until he is comfortable with them. You should not leave your pets together until you are sure that they are comfortable with each other and getting along.  Always have a closer look at their behaviors to be certain.

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Managing a dog with other pets

Managing a dog with other pets

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