Best dog breeds for house safety

French Bulldogs Playing Poker 252 Pc. Puzzle with Photo Tin

Dogs are considered among the most preferred pets for various reasons. They are adorable and fun loving animals. Other than enjoying their companionship, dogs are also among the most suitable pets to keep for house safety. Not all of the dog breeds are suitable to keep as watchdogs. So, if you are planning to adopt a dog for the safety purpose, you must know that which dog can be the best choice for you. Given below are some of the best dog breeds for the house safety:


Bullmastiff is one of the most popular breeds known for being most suitable watchdogs to keep for a house. They have amazing instincts and can learn fast. They can easily settle in a house environment and can do everything possible to protect it from any threat.


Boxer is a cute little dog that can instantly grab anyone’s attention. But do not mistake it for his adorable looks. They have excellent skills of reading people’s intentions and can act aggressively if they detect any threat.

German Shepherd:

German Shepherd is known as a herd dog and considered among the best choices to keep as a house guard. They are loyal and quick learners which makes them one of the best dogs to keep for safety purpose.

Giant Schnauzer:

They are known as fierce dogs and intimating because of their sizes and frightening bark. They can be hard to train and socialize. But a proper training can turn them into one of the most loyal dogs who can protect their family at any cost if they detect any threat.


Like German Shepherd, Rottweilers were also initially bred for cattle and farm protection. But eventually, they gained huge popularity among people who started keeping them at homes. He is known as a furious and loyal dog. But they require more exercise than most dogs to stay healthy and active.


Pulis are known as smart dogs that can learn fast. But they have a suspicious nature and stay alert most of the time. You should get a Puli only if you can spend more time with them than the most dogs as they have owner’s companionship more.

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French Bulldogs Playing Poker 252 Pc. Puzzle with Photo Tin

French Bulldogs Playing Poker 252 Pc. Puzzle with Photo Tin