Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Dogs are known to be the best friends of humans. They like to be around kids and love to play with them all day long. Kids also love to be with them and have fun. But not all of the dog breeds are as friendly as you may think of them. You have to be very careful about the selection of the dog you are taking home for your kids to play with. You must select a friendly, gentle and social dog that must be safe to keep in a house around kids. Followings are 5 best pet dogs for kids:


It is a medium purebred that is one of the most preferred dogs because of their friendly attitude. It can be a great watchdog as well as a nice buddy for your kids to play with. They require regular exercise and the owners must carefully monitor their food intakes to keep them happy and healthy.


The attractive dog breed was earlier known as Brittany Spaniel that is very friendly and gentle. The breed is considered among the safest and most suitable ones to keep around kids. The breed has an athletic physical built and requires constant activities to stay healthy and happy.

Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retrievers are considered among the best house dogs because of their positive and friendly attitude. They are smart and intelligent, which makes them quick learners.

Boston Terrier:

The breed is also known by the name of The American Gentleman. The nickname says it all about the breed. These are one of the most suitable dogs to keep around kids. They are very affectionate and full of energy. Earlier they were used for dog fights but they are loving dogs not the fighters.


The Bulldogs are among the cutest and most attractive dogs. It is very hard to take your eyes off the Bulldogs because of their loving and affectionate attitude. The dogs are highly popular all over the world, especially in USA. There are various college sports teams and high schools that use Bulldog as Mascots.

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Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids