Teach Your Dog to Enjoy the Bathing

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Just like humans, bathing is important for dogs as well for various reasons. It keeps them neat and clean. More importantly, it helps a dog owner to keep his dog happy and healthy. But the problem is that the dogs do not like bathing for different reasons. However, you can make the bathing time enjoyable for the dogs. Given below are some suggestions to teach your dog to enjoy the bathing:

Keep Your Dog Comfortable in General:

The first and foremost thing to do is make your dog comfortable in general with all the things. It is the key to make him enjoy the bathing. Praising and rewarding him for his calm behavior is the best way to keep him comfortable. If your dog is calm and comfortable, it is a lot easier and fun to bathe them.

Introducing Your Dog to the Bathing:

Another important thing to do is introducing them to the bathing in a calm and comfortable way. Do it slowly and gently. You may have to be very patient if your dog does not like bathing at first. Your patience and calm behavior can gradually attract him towards the bathing. Petting him is a good way to make him comfortable with water and keep him calm.

Keep Talking to Your Dog:

You should associate bathing with some positive things like talking, petting and rewarding. Talking to your dog is a good way to make him enjoy the bath. You should keep talking and petting your dog. He will enjoy it and will stay calm and comfortable during the bath. In addition, a nice walk and some rest before the bath can also be very helpful to make your dog enjoy the bath time.

Be Polite and Patient During Bath:

You have to be polite and patient with your dog throughout the bathing time. Introduce him to the water first and let him sit in it for a while. You should start the bath once he gets completely comfortable with the water. Use a tub or bucket that is wide and large enough for your dog to sit in it comfortably. Apply shampoo slowly in same gentle manner. Never try to rush things as it will make him nervous and he can react in unwanted ways.

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 Chihuahua Dog Puzzle 551 Pc. with Photo Tin

Chihuahua Dog Puzzle 551 Pc. with Photo Tin

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