What Dog’s Body Language Says?

Rat Terrier Dog Garden Flag GFLG48472

If you own a dog, you may already know that each dog is unique and have a different personality than other dogs. There are various factors that contribute toward a dog’s personality. Dogs also experience various types of feelings just like humans. They have a certain way to communicate their feelings to us. They are unable to speak to us in our own language, so we have to know and understand their language. They convey their messages and emotions through their body language. Given below are some of the common emotions of dogs and how they convey it through their body language:


Whenever any animal experiences anger, he tries to look as large, furious and threatening as possible. He does so to frighten someone from whom he is feeling any threat in any form. Dogs do the same when they are angry. Whenever a dog has flattened ears, unblinking and hard eyes and a stiff and upright body, it means that he is angry. He will forward his weight on the front legs as he is ready to attack. Usually, dogs make low threatening growl but some dogs may stay silent when they are angry.


Happiness on a dog’s face is the most favorite emotion of any dog owner. It is the simplest and easiest emotion to spot in a dog. When a dog is happy, he will have floppy ears, relaxed forehead and soft and gentle eyes. He will have a soft and friendly posture. When a dog is happy, he may move forward and backward in a pleasantly engaging manner. A vigorously wagging tail is also a sign of happiness in dogs.


A happy dog usually spends most of the day in neutral mood. But if a dog is not comfortable with his surroundings or has unfulfilled needs, he will stay angry, anxious and frustrated. A well-fed, relaxed and well-exercised dog tends to stay neutral for most of the time whenever he has nothing to do. In neutral mood, a dog lays down with a still and relaxed body. He will have smooth and relax forehead and eyebrows. He has relaxed and soft eyes but he may keep moving the eyes to scan his surroundings.

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Rat Terrier Dog Garden Flag GFLG48472

Rat Terrier Dog Garden Flag GFLG48472

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