Which Breed of Dog Should I Get?

Pomeranian Black Dog Heart Christmas Ornament


Dogs are one of the best companions of humans. In the beginning, people started domesticating dogs so that they can perform various jobs for humans including guarding the house, farms and animals. Dogs are very good hunters by nature so hunting was also one of the reasons people started adopting dogs. But these days we adopt dogs mostly to play with them and have fun with them. Making selection of the right breed is extremely important. It is very simple as all you have to do is ask yourself the followings:

Why You Need A Dog?

The first and foremost thing to consider is that why you really need a dog. Whether you need a guard dog or you want to keep your dog in the house around kids. You have to make the breed selection carefully. If you need a dog for guarding your house, you will need an aggressive and very active dog. Whereas, if you have to keep the dog around your kids, you will have to select a gentle and loyal breed that is safe to keep around kids.

Where Do You Live?

Some breeds can easily adjust in small places like flats and apartments but not all. Some breeds require more space to settle in. So make your selection depending on the space you can provide your dog.

How Much Exercise the Dog Requires?

Another important thing to consider is how much exercise the dog will require on daily basis. Some dogs can live a happy and healthy life with a small amount of daily exercise but some breeds require lots of exercise to stay healthy. If you can manage more time for your dog, you may get a dog that requires lots of exercise otherwise select a suitable one.

Cost of the Dog:

Cost is a very important factor that most people neglect at the time of bringing a dog home. The cost is not just the fee you may have to pay to get a dog but it includes everything for which you will have to pay for your dog. It includes his food, visits to the vet, toys, dog house and other similar things that your dog will need.

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Pomeranian Black Dog Heart Christmas Ornament

Pomeranian Black Dog Heart Christmas Ornament

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