Why a dog eats grass

Why a dog eats grass

If you are a dog owner then there are many things you would need to know about dogs. One of such things is why a dog eats grass. Dogs usually do not eat grass so it is important to know that why is behaving in a weird way. A problem can be solved successfully only if you know the root cause. Grass eating is more common in dogs than you may think. Veterinarians say that it is not something to be worried about. It is normal as more than 70% dogs eat grass or other plants.

The reasons can vary from one dog to another. Some of the most common reasons are:


One of the simplest reasons that make dogs eat grass is just because they were feeling bored. It has been observed in dogs that when they had not much to do they started eating grass. Gradually it becomes their routine. Prevention in this situation is very simple. All you will have to do is provide him toys to play with, get him chews to keep him occupied, spare some time to play with him and take him outside for exercise and play.

Because of Upset Stomach:

If your dog has eaten something that is upsetting his stomach or he is unable to digest it, chances are that he will eat grass. Dogs have found a natural remedy in grass eating for an upset stomach. When they eat grass, its sharp leaves or edges cause a sensation in dog’s throat and stomach. It leads dogs to vomit. So whatever was causing the stomach problem gets out of the stomach and they feel better.

For Nutritional Purpose:

These days, house dogs have to rely on commercial diets only that may not be enough for them when it comes to nutrients. They may require more nutrition and the nutrients or fiber they are looking for, they may have found in grass. According to a study report, dogs do eat grass to fulfill their unmet need for fiber and nutrition. A dog used to eat grass daily but he stopped eating grass entirely when his owner put him on high-fiber diet.

If you think that the problem is serious or it is because of malnutrition, you should immediately get your dog to see a veterinarian. Meanwhile, you can visit Doggie of the Day on Amazon. It is a reliable place if you are interested in buying dog products. You can get a wide range of products here including dogs playing poker paintings, mugs, doormats, dog flags and much more.

Why a dog eats grass

Why a dog eats grass

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