How to Name a Dog

How to Name a Dog

Dog is known as the best and loyal companion of humans. That makes it important for humans to take very good care of their companion. Caring for the four legged friend starts right from naming it. There are thousands of names for you to select from but it can be quite a hard effort to go through all the names. But there are certain steps that can offer you a great help in naming your dog in an easier and more convenient way. Followings are few tips for you to name your dog perfectly.

Try Short Names:

Dogs do not understand what the humans say to them, all they understand is the sound and style. So, short names are more preferred than the long ones. You may want to give a longer name to your dog because it attracts you but eventually, you will end up shortening it to call your dog quickly. So it is better to give a simple and short name to your dog right from the beginning. Max, Jake, Roxy, Abby etc. can be nice names for your dog.

Consider Your Dog’s Personality:

Each dog has a different personality and behavior. Naming a dog depending on his personality can be a good idea. For example, if your dog likes to chew, you can name him chewy. If he likes playing and running a lot, sporty can be a good name for him. Moreover, naming a dog depending on his fur color can also be attractive like Goldie, Brownie,Blackie etc.

Try Out Names of Famous Dogs:

One of the most preferred ways to name a dog is trying out different names of popular and famous dogs. The dogs from movies and TV can offer you numerous names to give your dog. The names can be Dino, Lassie, Max, Mark, Ginger etc.

Consulting Friends and Family Members:

Consulting your family members or friends can also help you to name your dog. They can offer you numbers of options to select from. But make sure that you are selecting a simple and appropriate name. It should not be offending or disturbing one as you will have to call your dog by the same name even when you are in public.

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How to Name a Dog

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