How to Stop a Dog from Running Away

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A dog running away from a home is one of the most common issues that the dog owners may have to face. There are huge numbers of dogs who run away from their homes each year. So, the question is that how we can stop a dog from running away? Given below are some of the most useful suggestions that can help you to retain your dog and stop him from running away:

Keep Your Dog Interested:

The first and foremost thing to do is to keep the dog interested with his surroundings and activities. There is so much that can be done to make the environment interesting for your dog. You can provide him plenty of toys to keep him busy and entertained. There are various types of toys including the interactive ones that can be quite helpful for the purpose.

In addition, you can offer various types of treats to your dog. But instead of offering the treats right away, it is suggested to hide the treats. It will make it more interesting for your dog as he will have to find it first to enjoy it.

Taking Your Dog Out:

Another helpful way to retain your dog is taking him out for a walk and play. You can keep visiting different places each time. It will keep your dog entertained and satisfied. You can perform different types of activities while taking your dog out including exercise and play. Dogs love to stay active and play as much as they can unless they are tired. You can enjoy Frisbee, fetch, running and chasing with your dog when you are out with him to have fun.

Obedience Training:

The most helpful method to stop a dog from running away is training him the right way. When you take a dog home, you have to train him to live among humans. Obedience training is an important part of it. Your dog must know the fact that he has to follow your command and should be doing as he has been asked to.

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Shiba Inu Puzzle with Photo Tin PUZL48228 (551 pc.)

Shiba Inu Puzzle with Photo Tin PUZL48228 (551 pc.)

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