How to Use a Dog Crate

Fall Autumn Greeting Rat Terrier Dog with Pumpkins House Flag FLG50857

Using a dog crate in considered as inhumane by most people. But all the dog trainers and dog owners know the fact that it is not inhumane at all to keep a dog in a crate. Before being socialized by humans, the dogs used to live in dens. So, by living in a dog crate they feel safe and secure. There are various reasons to use the dog crates including the treatment for various behavioral issues and house training.

But using the crate in a proper way is important to make the whole process effective for your dog. Given below are few suggestions for you to use the dog crate in the right way:

Selecting a Dog Crate:

The first and most important thing to consider is selecting the right crate for your dog. It has to be a comfortable experience for your dog. So, make sure that you are selecting the right size. It must have enough space for your dog so that he can sit, sleep, stand and move easily. There are plenty of dog crates available in the market. So, you can conveniently get the most suitable one with respect to size, style and material.

Placement of the Dog Crate:

Placement of the crate is extremely important to keep your dog comfortable and satisfied. It should be placed in such an area that has a moderate environment. It should not be too hot or too cold for your dog. Placing it in the room where you spend your most time is highly suggested as he can see you and hear you while staying in the crate.

Crate Training:

Although, the crates can be used for adult dogs as well but you should start using it when your dog is just a puppy. Training an older dog is a lot more difficult than training a puppy. It is highly advised to start the crate training right from bringing the puppy home. You should continue the training till your dog gets to the age of 10 to 12 months. But till the time, your dog may get more used to the crate, so gradually make him comfortable with living outside the crate. It should not be immediate.

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Fall Autumn Greeting Rat Terrier Dog with Pumpkins House Flag FLG50857

Fall Autumn Greeting Rat Terrier Dog with Pumpkins House Flag FLG50857

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