Making a Dog Comfortable With the Crate

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There are various reasons for using a crate. But there are some important things that you must take care of. Otherwise the whole training process will not work. It can result in quite the opposite. After making the right decisions from the selection of the dog crate to the placement, it is crucial to introduce your dog to the crate in the right way and making him comfortable with the crate. It may take some time, so you will have to be patient and consistent. Given below are some important steps that can be very helpful in making your dog comfortable with the crate:

Keep The Crate Open:

While introducing your dog to the crate, you should keep the dog crate open as if the dog is completely free to go inside the crate and to come out. He must know that he is not locked up in the crate. In order to encourage the dog to get into the crate, you can place his favorite toys and treats inside the crate near the door.

Placing the Toys Farther in the Crate:

Once your dog gets comfortable with the crate, you should start placing the toys and treats farther. Increase the distance gradually and consistently. Never rush the things as it may cause the whole process to fail. When your dog starts getting into the crate far inside, he will get comfortable with it and will soon start lying in the crate or even sleeping.

Closing the Door:

When your dog starts sleeping inside the crate and you feel that he is comfortable with it, you can start closing the door. Initially, it should be for a few minutes only but increase the duration gradually. You can start keeping the door closed once the dog gets comfortable with it and does not bark or howl.

Time for the Crate:

You should have a certain timeframe for your dog to place in the crate. It should not be used only when you are leaving the house. You should keep the dog inside the crate even when you are at home. You can keep the crate time to 2 hours or so.

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Pet Friendly Beach American Eskimo Dog Heart Christmas Ornament HPOR49960

Pet Friendly Beach American Eskimo Dog Heart Christmas Ornament HPOR49960

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