Symptoms of Food Allergies in Dogs

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Raising a dog is not as easy as most people think. There are various things related to a dog that has to be taken care of by the dog owner. Just like humans, the dogs are also prone to various types of diseases and sicknesses. Food allergies are among the common issues a dog may have to come across. The numbers of allergy issues have been increasing recently as compared to the earlier decades. The increase is triggered by various factors including environmental factors.

Knowing the symptoms of food allergies in dogs can offer you a great convenience to know if your dog has the problem. It can offer you the advantage to treat the problem immediately. Followings are some of the most common symptoms of food allergies in dogs:


Swelling of organs or swelling spots on a dog’s skin is most commonly associated with allergy. The immune system of a dog can consider a certain type of food as allergen and a threat and can start fighting it. That can cause the swelling problem, which can be exhibited in different ways by different dogs.

Ear Infections:

Another very common symptom of allergy in dogs is the yeast infection in the ears of dogs. A dog with an allergy can offer the best hospitable situation for the yeast as the immune system is busy fighting the allergen. The ears are very sensitive and the weaker immune system offers the best opportunity to the yeast to attack the ears.

Itchy Skin and Dandruff:

It is another visible and easy to spot symptom of food allergy. Although, it is usually the sign of environmental allergy but it is also common in the dogs with food allergies. The dogs with food allergies have a brittle and dry skin and have dandruff on their skin. The condition causes them to scratch the skin most of the time.


A gassy stomach of your dog may also be the sign of food allergy. Food intolerance or allergy can cause the dog’s digestion system to produce gas with awful smell.

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Doggie of the Day Pet Friendly Beach Rat Terrier Dog Garden Flag GFLG49906

Doggie of the Day Pet Friendly Beach Rat Terrier Dog Garden Flag GFLG49906

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