How to Brush Dog Teeth the Right Way

How to Brush Dog Teeth the Right Way

For a dog owner, it is a matter of extreme importance to keep his dog happy and healthy. In order to achieve that goal, he is required to perform certain actions. Brushing dog teeth is one of the measures a dog owner has to take to keep his dog happy and healthy. It is an important part of dog grooming. It helps you dog with his breath and keeps the teeth clean.In order to brush dog teeth in the right way, you have to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Selection of the Right Dog Toothbrush:

The first and foremost step is selection of the right toothbrush for your four legged friend. You cannot use just any toothbrush or the one made for humans to brush the teeth of your dog. You can find a huge variety of toothbrushes that are specifically made for dog’s teeth. These toothbrushes have softer bristles so that it may not cause any damage to the gums. Moreover, you can find the toothbrushes in numbers of sizes, styles and shapes. You should select a brush according to your dog’s age, build and liking for better results.

Selecting the Right Dog Toothpaste:

Using toothpaste made for humans can be harmful to dogs as it contains such ingredients that are toxic for dogs. So, selecting toothpaste specially made for dogs is very important. In order to make it pleasing and easy, the toothpastes are available in different flavors.

How to Brush Dog’s Teeth Safely:

The dogs are not comfortable with brushing the teeth.It is a good idea to start brushing their teeth at a very young age so that they can get used to it. Before start brushing the teeth, you have to make sure that the dog is comfortable with the brush and your hand in his mouth. Letting your dog lick the toothpaste off your finger and inspecting the brush can also help to make him comfortable with the brushing.

You should start it very gently and slowly and when your dog gets used to it, you can brush the teeth normally. If the dog is not comfortable, then offering a treat after brushing a few teeth can be very handy.

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How to Brush Dog Teeth the Right Way

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