Why a dog shakes his head?

Why a dog shakes his head?

Different pets, including the dogs, have a habit of shaking their heads. Dogs and cats shake their heads after taking a bath to get rid of the water in their fur. This head shaking is just for that moment. But if you are witnessing frequent or continues head shaking in your dog, there must be something wrong with him. That makes it important to know that why a dog shakes his head. There can be various reasons of head shaking but all of the causes are related to dog’s ears. Followings are the reasons that can cause your dog to continuously shake his head.

To Get Rid of Dirt in the Ears:

The simplest reason that can cause your dog to shake his head is dirty ears. If you are witnessing a head shake now and then but not too much, it may have been caused by the dirt in his ears. Examine the ears closely to know for sure if there is dirt in his ears. Just washing the ears properly, can help your dog to get rid of the problem.

Because of Ear Bugs:

Another common reason among dogs to shake their heads is ear bugs. If your dog is also scratching his head and ears while he is shaking his head, it is most probably because of ear mites. You should closely examine the ears for any signs of darker earwax that can be deep brown or reddish brown. The mites are extremely harmful to the dogs and can damage the ear canal. You should immediately see a vet to get the problem treated properly.

Medical Problems with Ears:

One of the most problematic reasons for your dog to shake his head can be a medical issue. You must immediately get your dog to see a vet if the problem is caused by any allergy. Allergies are hardly treatable, yet the vet can offer you a helpful advice to get rid of the problem. Other than allergies, Ear Hematomas and Ear Vacuities can also cause the problem. A good vet can offer you a great help to resolve the problem. So visiting a vet is highly suggested if the head shaking is caused by a medical problem.

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Why a dog shakes his head?

Why a dog shakes his head?

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