Most social dog breeds

Most social dog breeds

If you are going to get a dog for your kids, you must know all about the breed. Not all dogs are safe to keep in a house around kids. Some of the breeds are known to be aggressive and unsafe to keep as pets. Followings are the most social dog breeds that are suitable to keep as pets.


The breed is considered among the most suitable ones to keep in a house. They can quickly become friends to the humans as they like to play around. They love to exercise and run around.


They have a mischievous personality and comical looks that make them one of the most favorite breeds all over the world. They love to be around people and have lots of fun by playing with them.

Irish Setter:

Irish setters are known to be fun loving and affectionate dogs that are safe to keep as a pet. They look beautiful and attractive with their red-brown coat.

Springer Spaniel:

They love to be around other dogs as well as around people. The energetic and bouncy breed quickly forms a bond with its owner. They are gentle and loving dogs and enjoy playing with kids.

Basset Hound:

The breed is actually from France where they were bred for tracking and hunting. A Basset Hound is gentle around kids and can be a wonderful watchdog.


Beagles are calm, friendly and fun loving dogs. They are among the most social dogs that are safe to keep around kids and other pets. But they need proper and regular exercise to stay healthy and fit.


The breed is gentle and quite friendly and they love to play. The breed does not require much of a hard effort to train them. They are smart and quick learners.

Golden Retriever:

The breed is among the most preferred ones to keep in a house because of its friendly and kind behavior. Golden retrievers are intelligent and fun loving dogs.

Shih Tzu:

Although, Shih Tzu are cute little dogs but their friendly behavior and beautiful double coat make the even more attractive. They are quite comfortable around kids and form a strong bond within no time.

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Most social dog breeds

Most social dog breeds



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