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Dog Breeding Tips

Breeding dogs is very tempting if you’re a dog lover.  You’ll get to spread your passion for the animals and you can even earn an income.  Even so, there is a lot to think about before you get started.

The first thing you need to realize is that your dog might not fit the bill.  You should breed dogs that are from the highest pedigree.  It is also important to make sure they have an even temperament and are without any genetic defects.

For the good of the puppies, never breed a dog that has these problems.  Even if you sense a problem with the uterus you should make sure your pup can cope with the litter and is at least two years old.  If not, it’s not a good idea to breed.

If your bitch meets all the requirements you almost have a green light.  Next, you need to consider the puppies that would come out of the breeding.  It is important to be sure you have enough room for 12 puppies in a space that can handle the noise level.

It can be very stressful being there for the birth of these puppies and the process can take over 12 hours.  Beyond that you need to be there to clean up after the dogs, wean them, and feed them.  This food and other materials can end up costing a lot of money.  Don’t forget about the vet bills either.

Beyond the first weeks of care you need to figure out what you’re going to do with the puppies.  Whether they are mixed breed or pedigree you may want to sell or give them away.  Obviously, a pedigree dog is worth a lot more money to prospective buyers than a mutt.

Make sure you don’t just give the puppies away to anyone that walks into your facility.  You need to make sure they are going to a good home.  If you find that they were taken to an undesirable location you might even need to take them back in.

If you’ve made up your mind that breeding is what you want to do then you can start to look for a stud dog.  If your bitch is pedigree then you want to make sure the stud comes from the same quality background.  You can also examine the female dog’s weaknesses and find a stud that will make up for those weaknesses.  For example, one might not have a beautiful coat but you can make up for it with the other.

Just remember that money is not the ultimate goal here.  Breeding quality animals and making sure they have a wonderful life is.  You can have a very fulfilling time as a dog breeder as long as you follow these guidelines.

Dog Breed Tips courtesy of Dog Articles

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