Best Christmas Basket Ideas for a Dog

Two Dogs in a Valentine's Day Basket Dog Christmas Holiday Ornament

Humans are known as social animals because they love to socialize. One of the aspects of being social is offering gifts to people. Just like offering gifts to other people, it is important for dog owners to give gifts to their loving dogs. It is one of the most suitable and best ways to show your love and affection to your dog. There are numerous types of gifts that you can get for your dog on Christmas but selection of the right Christmas basket is the best idea. You can get different types of things and place it in the basket for your dog.

Given below are some of the suggestions for you to make the best Christmas basket for your loyal and loving friend:

Selection of the Right Basket:

The first and foremost thing to consider is the basket itself. There is a variety of baskets available in the market to select from. You must select such a basket that your dog is going to love. You can make the right selection depending on the type, size and color of the basket. You should select such a basket that can conveniently hold all the products that you are going to place in it.

Dog Gift Ideas for Christmas Basket:

There are numerous options available to place in the basket. Before making your selection, you should always consider the things your dog will love the most whether it is toys or treats. Making a basket filled with mix stuff is the best idea. You can place your dog’s favorite toys in it and also get his favorite items to eat. New clothing for Christmas can also be a good idea to include in the basket. You can also include new collar and leash for your dog.

Styling and Decoration:

Although, you can find a decorated basket easily in market but personalizing it or decorating it yourself can be a good idea if you can manage a little time. There are numerous decorative items available to select from including ribbons, clothing, ornaments etc. You should decorate the basket in such a way that your dog is going to love it.

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 Two Dogs in a Valentine's Day Basket Dog Christmas Holiday Ornament

Two Dogs in a Valentine’s Day Basket Dog Christmas Holiday Ornament



Benefits of having a Dog at Home

Basset Hound Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin D452 (252 pc.)

Usually, people are not sure about the benefits of having a dog at home can offer them. The dogs have various benefits to offer but most people are aware of only the factor of companionship. The dogs have different other advantages in store for dog owners including the ones mentioned below:

Improved Social Life:

People with similar tastes and likings can trust each other more than the strangers with different tastes. In similar fashion, the dog owners can trust other dog owners faster than a complete stranger. When you will take your dog for a street walk, in a park or some other place, other dog owners will start binding with you. Eventually, it will enhance your social circle and you can enjoy a better social life.

Keeping the Kids Happy:

Just like adults, kids also love to have pets around except they like it more. Kids and dogs love playing and the both can keep playing all day long without any worries. That makes the both best companions.So, having a dog around your kids can offer you amazing benefits for keeping them happy.

Protection against Allergies in Kids:

A study has shown that the kids who have dogs around are less likely to get infected by different allergies. It is also beneficial against pet allergies as the immune system of kids gets stronger and they can fight against allergies better.

Less Health Issues:

A study has shown that the people who own dogs have less health issues. A diverse mix of bacterias can help us to fight against germs of different types. But usually we are exposed to less diverse mix of bacteria. A dog can be very helpful as he can bring in more diverse mix from outside and can help us to stay healthy.

Less Stress:

Dog owners are known to have less stress and can get relax faster as compared to the people who do not have a dog. Having a dog is even recommended by psychiatrists to people who live alone or have high stress issues.

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Basset Hound Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin D452 (252 pc.)

Basset Hound Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin D452 (252 pc.)


Dogs Having Wet Noses

Let it Snow Christmas Holiday Whippet Dog Wearing Santa Hat Throw Pillow D406 (18x18)

Human brains work better and faster to detect the surroundings through visual signals received from brain. But dog brains work better with the signals received through nose. Dogs have amazing sense of smelling that help them to even detect the hidden threats. That is why the nose of a dog enjoys an utmost respect when it comes to the canine world. A wet nose of a dog can cause worry to dog owner but there is no need to. It is not a sign of physical condition or trouble for a dog.

In dogs, it is quite the opposite. If your dog has a wet nose, it is normal and good. But if he has a dry nose, it can be a sign of a physical condition.Though, a wet nose works better but it is a mystery to most dog owners that why dogs have wet noses. Given below are some of the most common reasons for a dog to have a wet nose:

Nose Licking:

One of the most common reasons for a wet nose of a dog is constant nose licking. It is an innate behavior of a dog. There is no need to worry if your dog has a nose licking problem. It helps him to keep his nose moist that can work better.

Moist From Environment:

Dogs have a natural habit of sniffing stuff. They are well-known and highly respected for their sniffing abilities. Sniffing different stuff is another common reason for a dog to have a wet nose. Dogs can get a wet nose when they are sniffing damp areas like leaves, grass, plants etc.

Mucus Glands:

The largest and most common reason for a dog to have a moist nose is mucus gland. There are special glands in the inner lining of a dog’s nose that have the primary function of producing mucus. It helps the nasal canals to stay moist resulting in enhancement of sniffing abilities of the dog.

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Let it Snow Christmas Holiday Whippet Dog Wearing Santa Hat Throw Pillow D406 (18x18)

Let it Snow Christmas Holiday Whippet Dog Wearing Santa Hat Throw Pillow D406 (18×18)


My Dog Hates To Travel

In your mind you and your dog are traveling down the road in a convertible.  The top is down and you and your dog are letting the wind blow through your hair (and fur) as you drive off into the sunset.  It’s a beautiful fantasy.  Unfortunately, in real life, your dog drools, whines and throws up every time you try to put him in the car.  A quick trip to the vet for his shots leaves him shaking and staring at you like you’re going to have him put to sleep.  Taking your dog on an actual vacation would probably mean the end of your relationship.

What have you done to deserve this?  Why does your dog hate to travel?  And, is there anything you can do to make things better?

Contrary to popular belief, carsickness and travel anxiety can occur in any dog.  Even puppies that are introduced to riding in cars at a very young age may develop into bad travelers.  Some dogs simply seem to be more anxious by nature than other dogs.  Certainly socialization in all forms will help to create a more secure, more confident dog, which can decrease anxiety in general.  But if your dog becomes anxious about traveling in the car it’s going to take some work to help him get over his carsickness problems.

If you have a puppy or young dog do try to make the car a fun place for them, especially when you aren’t going anywhere.  Play with your puppy in the car or van.  Spend time there that isn’t associated with traveling.  Let it be a place for games and playtime.  That way, when you put your dog in the car or van to go on a short trip, your dog will associate the vehicle with good things.  That good attitude may help a little.

Whether you have a puppy or a dog that is already experiencing some travel problems, go for very short trips.  Drive around the block.  Go back home before your puppy or dog can develop any bad reaction to the trip.  Praise your puppy or dog and give them treats.  You can do this several times a week, gradually making the trips a little longer.  Most puppies will be fine with this routine and develop into great little travelers.  If you have a dog which is already showing signs of being a bad traveler you should monitor him carefully to see how far you can drive before he starts having problems.  See if you can slowly help him get a little further each time but don’t push things too far or make him uncomfortable.  Carsickness is a very real, physical problem and if your dog is carsick he can’t help it.

Keep in mind that once a dog has been sick in your car that the odor will linger for quite a while.  You may stop noticing it but your dog can still detect it.  The scent of it may contribute to making him sick again so be sure to try to thoroughly clean any carsickness accidents in your vehicle.  This will help your dog do better the next time you make an attempt.

If your dog isn’t improving by trying to gradually lengthen his trips in the car you can try some natural remedies.  One of the old favorites uses ginger cookies or any kind of cookie or treat with ginger.  Ginger is a traditional home remedy for settling an upset stomach and it works well for dogs as well as humans.

Some people recommend pheromones.  Comfort Zone with D.A.P (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) has helped some dogs by reducing anxiety.

Herbal and nutritional remedies are also popular.  Composure Liquid by Vetri-Science has been used with success by some owners.  Nutricalm has also worked to reduce anxiety for some dogs.

Some people prefer the Bach Flower Essences, such as Rescue Remedy.

If the natural remedies don’t work for you and your dog you may wish to try the over-the-counter anti-nausea drug Dramamine.  Dramamine helps many dogs who don’t travel well.  If your dog still has problems with traveling you should consult your veterinarian.  He or she may prescribe something stronger for anxiety, such as Valium or Serax.

You don’t have to give up your dream of traveling with your dog but it may take a little work to get the two of you on the road together.

My Dog Hates To Travel courtesy Dog Articles.

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