Puppy Dog Training

I know exactly how it can be, you buy that brand new, nice smelling, affectionate dog and you really want to offer it everything beneath the sun. It is a natural reaction for any individual whom looks at a sweet, small puppy to shower him or her with every little thing they would like, however this can certainly cause a few undesirable behavior and produce even more work for you. Now it will be a very good plan for you to get started in your own puppy dog training soon, and let your dog fully understand who is in charge.

As the owner you have to develop a relationship with your new puppy. The relationship you develop has to include a stable foundation, as well as your own puppy needs to learn that you are the leader! Simply by giving in to those puppy dog eyes every time your dog cries, you are just demonstrating to your pet that he is in charge, that he is the boss. In the event that you grant your puppy free reign in and around your house, your dog will never learn self-control, discipline, and will lack respect for your entire family.

A dog not possessing respect for their master will be the hardest achievable circumstances to have. By simply giving into your own pup, he may mature to become an even much larger monster, with absolutely no behavior training, rowdy as well as a lot of instances aggressive towards some other pets along with individuals. Most dog owners who possess these puppy dog training issues, often times simply give them away to shelters or even worse, simply abandon them. I do not wish this to take place to any pet therefore carry out with your puppy dog training.

In order to achieve control and respect via your very new pup you must challenge him or her with some primary commands. These types of commands need to be comparable to Sit, Stay, Down, and so forth. You should help make your puppy sit prior to he will go outdoors, or goes for a walk. Make your pet follow some important commands just before his routines and he will probably soon understand he has to comply to you before he or she receives everything that he wishes. Keep in mind that pups love a challenge, so turn this kind of instinct into a positive effort for you. Get your own puppy to pick up their toys, sit, fetch tennis balls, anything that places you in control. As a result of making your pup comply with several primary instructions on a daily basis, he or she will probably quickly understand that if he or she complies to your request, he will get a treat.

Or perhaps he will get his favorite toy, or go for a stroll. The faster your own puppy can pick up on this partnership you are creating with him, the quicker you will find benefits throughout your puppy dog training. Whenever your puppy follows through along with your instructions you should continually encourage him highly enthusiastically! When your puppy recognizes that he pleased you, your dog will certainly want to carry on with this kind of behavior over and over repeatedly. You never want to yell or discipline ones canine throughout your puppy dog training due to the fact that this particular kind of actions will certainly just set you back, and also make your pet plan to rebel against just about any command you require of him.

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History and Origin of Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The origin of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is unclear.It is thought to have lived in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in the 10th century. Its name comes from the Welsh for heeling dog. It might have been bred from the Swedish Valhund and the Welsh Cardigan Corgi. In the year 920 King Hywel Dda of South Wales declared a law that Corgis were not be abused. Another breed introduced to Wales by Flemish weavers in 1107 may have interbred with earlier Corgis. Some experts believe that the breed is descended from the old Shipperke and belongs in the same family as the Keeshond, Pomeranian, Spitz, Samoyed, Chow Chow, and Norwegian Elkhound. One legend has it that the breed was given to the people by fairies, although this story is given little credence.

Corgis were bred for herding cattle, sheep and Welsh ponies. Their low stature made it possible for them to herd chasing larger animals and nipping their heels while being too low to the ground for the herd animals to kick. If an animal were to try to turn around, the Corgi would nip its nose. The dogs were also used for guarding children and for family pets, as they are today.

Corgis were first shown in the ring in 1925 in Wales. Since Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire are only a few miles apart, there was a great deal of interbreeding between Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis until 1934 when the American Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom established them as two separate dog breeds, to be shown separately.

At about that time the Duke of York gave Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies to his daughters, Elizabeth, later to become Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Margaret Rose. Her Majesty still keeps a pack of the little dogs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis continue to serve as cattle herding dogs on farms in Wales and as pets in many parts of the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Basic Considerations When Choosing A New Puppy

Before actually adding a new puppy to your home you should consider what your expectations of dog ownership are. All dogs require love, food and shelter, but puppies need more commitment from their owners than adult dogs do. Puppies are more time demanding because they are essentially babies. They have to be taught how to behave appropriately and they go through various stages as they grow. Most puppies go through a chewing phase and at some points in growing up they are very energetic.

If there are children in the home even extra supervision will be required. This is to protect both the child and the puppy. Puppies love to play and their little teeth are very sharp. They can also easily scratch little ones with their claws during play.

Similarly, children are drawn to small animals. They are very likely to hold them and carry them around. Many puppies have been squeezed, dropped or stepped on and injured inadvertently by well intentioned children. Obviously you will have to be diligent in watching over the two when they’re together. Most breeders of small or toy breeds do not sale their puppies to homes with young children because of these risks. If you do have a child in your home insure that the puppy you add is one with a gentle disposition and loving personality.

Many people want a dog as a means of security or protection. They are looking for a sort of living alarm system, a dog that will bark when someone approaches the yard or the door. The good news is that almost any dog can fill this need. The fact is that even the bark of a toy poodle is usually effective in turning away an intruder.

Of course some people want to go a step farther with that concept and have a dog that presents the physical appearance of a watch dog. In this case people often choose larger breeds such as Doberman Pinchers or even Boxers. Most dogs are protective of their owners and their territory without having any specialized training. The sheer size and appearance of larger dogs is a deterrent to most would be intruders.
Dogs are naturally pack animals which makes them a social animal. They love their human family and want to be a part of it. Dogs make excellent compani
ons. Dogs should be included as a part of the family whenever possible. They truly need the interaction and love of their family.

Dogs should not spend their time all alone, living in the back yard. This is especially true of puppies. The younger the pup the more supervision and regular training he needs. Socialization is important for all dogs. In fact, it is the secret to a well behaved dog.

Before you add a new puppy to your home it is important to take the time to consider what type of dog will best suit your lifestyle. If you are the type of person that enjoys sports and the outdoors then an energetic dog may be perfect for you. If you spend a lot of time at the computer you may prefer a small lap dog. And if you live in the city you may want to consider a small dog that does not require a deal of space.

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Catching Dog Diseases By Knowing the Symptoms

You probably feel like your dog is a big part of your family.  If that is the case, you want him to be around for many years to come.  In order to make that a reality you need to be sure your dog is in the best health.  There are many symptoms to keep your eye on.

In fact, prevention is the best way to make sure you’ll have a healthy dog for life.  In order to prevent health problems self-education is key.  That way you’ll be prepared when and if those symptoms pop up.

– One thing you might want to pay close attention to is if your dog seems sluggish.  There definitely might be an underlying reason for this.

– Another thing to keep your eye on is limping.  Prod painful areas gently to see if you can determine a location.

– Loss of appetite is another common symptom that sick dogs have.  If your dog is not eating normally you’ll need to examine him for health reasons.  This lack of hunger might lead to some weight loss.

–  On the other hand, a sick dog might be extra thirsty.

– You can also look at your dog’s eyes to see if there are any problems.  Dogs with ulcers, discharge, prominent veins, and sores might be suffering from something much worse.

– The mouth is something that is important to pay attention to as well.  Your dog’s mouth should be a healthy pink.  If you see things like cavities or discoloration it’s worth taking a deeper look.
– Check your dog’s ears.  If there is any fowl smelling discharge you’ll need to make sure your dog does not have an infection.

– Investigate your dog’s head to see if there are any sore areas, hair loss, or wounds

– Make sure there are no sores on the limbs or trunk

– A dog that is vomiting likely has an illness

– Another thing you can do is check your dog’s temperature.  A normal range is between 100.5 and 102.5 ºF.

– If your female dog has a foul discharge you need to take her to the vet.

These signs and symptoms that you find can give you a lot of clues as to an illness your pet is suffering from.  Some possible diseases are:

– Canine Hepatitis
– Enteritis
– Constipation
– Bloat
– Roundworms, tapeworms, or whipworms
– Anemia
– Heart Disease
– Parvovirus
– Kidney Disease
– Eye Infection
– Ruptured Diaphragm
– Bronchitis
– Pneumonia
– Food Poisoning
– Heatstroke
– Allergies
The list of canine diseases goes on and on.  The important thing is that you look for different symptoms.  The better you know your dog’s behavioral and physical condition, the more likely you are to catch changes as they happen.  This will give you a head start in beating any dog diseases.

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Preparations For Bringing Your Puppy Home

After what seems like a long wait you are finally ready to get your new puppy. Preparing for a new puppy is exciting, after all, you are adding to your family. And just like preparing for a human baby, you need to be ready for this little fur-baby.

Planning ahead will make the move to your home easier for the puppy and for you. One of the first things you will want to do is have the puppy checked out by a veterinarian. It’s a good idea to know in advance, what veterinarian you plan to take your puppy to. Some veterinarians will do this first check for free. It is simply to confirm that your puppy is healthy and that the vaccinations are on track. This also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have at that time.

Most breeders will provide a puppy packet which usually includes a sampling of the food the pup is used to and a toy and/or blanket that has been used by the momma dog and the littermates. The scent on these items is comforting to the puppy. Some breeders also include booklets of information related to the care of the puppy.

Your puppy will need a safe environment. He will be curious and he is likely to chew on any and every thing. It is your responsibility to see that he is kept in an area that is safe. A puppy play pen works well for this. These are flexible in shape and even in size. They are large enough to have a place for a bed, a place for food and water, a play area, and a place for the puppy pad. Many people find that dog crates can come in handy at times.

Because your puppy will want to be with you as much as possible you will probably find it convenient to have at least two or three dog beds for him. Put these in strategic places that you spend a lot of time, spots that will be close to you.

Grooming supplies are essential. At minimum you will need a dog shampoo and a brush. But keep in mind that dogs do not need bathes as often as humans; in fact, you should not bath your dog more than one time per week unless it is absolutely necessary.

Every puppy needs toys. You can make your own with pieces of rope, old toys, or even an old sock with a tennis ball in it. Or you can buy actual dog toys such as the squeaky toys or stuffed animals made especially for dogs. As long as you provide all the essentials, including food, water, playtime and love, your puppy will be happy.

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6 Ways To Find A Good Veterinarian

Good veterinarians are hard to come by.  It’s getting harder to find the country vet who knows all about you and your dog and can tell you all of the local gossip.  Vets who offered discounts for multiple pets and client loyalty are disappearing.  In his place we have vets with more sophisticated equipment but often less time for you and your dog.  He or she may see lots of clients every day and be part of a large practice.  You may not see the same vet each time you go to the offices.

How can you find a good veterinarian these days?  Here are a few tips.

1.  Ask around.  Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to find a good vet.  If you have friends with pets ask them who they use and whether they like them or not.  Ask them about their experiences with the vet.  Have they been satisfied or are they looking for a new vet?  How is the vet with their dog?  (Or cat or whatever!)  You can learn a lot just by talking to a friend.

2.  Make a list of some of the things that are important to you in a vet.  Do you need a vet who specializes?  Probably not, unless you are a breeder or you have a dog with a particular health problem, but if you do need a specialist, start looking.  They can be hard to find.  Do you need a vet who will write prescriptions for you so you can buy heartworm medication online?  This can be a bone of contention with some vets so you may have to try several vets before you find one who is willing to do this for you.  It’s certainly worth pursuing because heartworm medication usually costs twice as much at the vet’s office.  Do you need a vet who handles his own emergencies?  This is becoming rare.  You may have to look far and wide for a vet like this.  Most vets now send their emergency cases to a vet emergency clinic at nights and on the weekends.

Decide what is most important to you and look for a vet who can meet your needs.

3.  Call vet offices near you and talk to the receptionists.  Better yet, go by and meet them in person.  Discuss billing arrangements.  Veterinary care can be very expensive, especially if your dog has a serious problem that requires surgery and post-op care.  What is the vet’s policy about payment?  Does he or she require you to pay upfront?  Can you make payments?  Will they turn your dog away if you can’t pay for the entire procedure ahead of time? These are important considerations and it’s best to know how your vet handles these matters before your dog is in a life or death situation.

4.  Does the vet take pet health insurance?  Some vets do take health insurance for pets now.  If so, which ones?

5.  Find out the days and office hours for the vets near you.  Do they fit your schedule?  Some vets are closed on Saturdays or may only be open half a day.  They may not stay open late through the week.  Will you be able to work with their schedule?  You can have the greatest vet in the world just down the street from you but if you have to work when they’re open it won’t do your dog any good.

6.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has a listing of state veterinary medical associations.  Their website is an excellent place to look for accredited vets in your area.

6 Ways To Find A Good Veterinarian courtesy Dog Articles.

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Conformation… Can I Handle My Own Dog In The Ring?

Showing dogs can be a wonderful and fun activity, whether you are very competitive or just looking for something for your family to enjoy.  People getting their first showdog have lots of questions.  One of the first things people want to know is whether or not they can handle their own dog in the ring or whether they need to hire a professional handler.  The answer depends on several factors.

Anyone at all can enter a dog show.  Anyone in good standing with a kennel club (that is, someone who has not broken the rules previously and been denied the privilege).  You don’t have to meet any particular criteria.  And any dog registered with that kennel club can be entered in a dog show held by that kennel club.  That means that if you have an AKC registered Pug you can enter your dog in any dog show sanctioned by the American Kennel Club in the United States.  You can find information about upcoming shows around the country (posted a few weeks prior to the show) on a kennel club’s web site or in magazines, pay the entry fee, and enter a show.  It’s that simple.  There is no mystery or mystique to it.  You will receive information in the mail telling you the time to be there, your ring number, and your armband number.  You then show up on the day of the show, tell the ring steward you are there so you can pick up your armband number, and go in the ring for your class so the judge can judge your dog.  That’s all there is to it.

Of course, there is a lot more to it.  In some breeds there may be a lot of dogs entered and the competition may be very fierce.  In other breeds you could be the only entry so you would almost automatically win Best of Breed.  Entries also vary around the country.  There may be lots of Irish Wolfhounds entered in California but none entered in shows in Texas, so geography can play a role in how much competition people face.  There could be ten male dogs entered and only two female dogs, so the competition would be much harder for the boys.  But at the next show it could be reversed.  It often depends on who decides to enter, or how far someone wants to drive for a show.  People may ask friends who is entering a show but this information is not always reliable.

Novices can and do show their own dogs in the showring.  They can even win.  It may take a little practice but everyone was a beginner at one time.  Amateur handlers or owner-handlers can successfully compete against professionals, especially in the breed ring where points are won for championships.  The amateur handler has the advantage of actually living with his dog and knowing him better than anyone.  Many professional handlers only “pick up” a dog the day of the dog show at ringside.  They may barely know the dog they are showing.  Professionals have excellent dog skills and grooming skills, but amateurs know their dogs and their dogs love them.

In order to successfully compete against the professional handler the amateur will have to work hard on his grooming skills, especially with longhaired dogs and terriers.  Look for books about your breed and make sure your dog is groomed to look like the show dogs pictured in it.  Ask for help from your dog’s breeder or other people who show their dogs.  Make sure toenails are kept short.  Most professional handlers show dogs with very short toenails while many amateurs have dogs with toenails that are too long.

Professionals also have expert handling skills in the ring.  Practice handling your dog.  Watch the best professional handlers and imitate them.  Go to handling classes with your dog.  You will also notice that professionals dress for success.  Many amateur handlers appear sloppy next to the professional handlers in the ring.  You can improve your chances of winning by dressing more sharply.  The overall picture you and your dog make together counts for a lot.  Practice with your dog in front of a mirror to see how you look.  Watch dog shows on TV to see how people pose your breed in the ring.  Visit a few dog shows before you enter one so you can get the hang of what goes on.

Pro handlers are not only good at what they do, they attract good dogs.  Sometimes they win because they are better handlers even when they don’t have the best dog, but many times they actually have good dogs.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that they are only beating you because the judge knows them.  They are pros for a reason.  They have been practicing their skills for a long time and people would not be hiring them if they didn’t know how to present a good dog.  Many professional handlers began showing as kids so they have a great deal of experience.  They can make a good dog look even better.  But they can still be beaten if you also have a good dog.  Groom your dog to look his best, practice your own handling skills and you have a good chance of winning.  You’ll feel great when you beat the pros.  But keep in mind that professional handlers are not the “enemy.”  Many of them are quite friendly and willing to give you tips with your dog if you speak to them after the show.

Showing dogs is fun.  Whether you are thinking about it as an activity for a youngster in your family or for yourself, it’s a great way to spend time with your dog.  You can win.  You can beat the pros.  Many amateur handlers are competing at the highest levels of the sport.  Watch the best handlers and beat them at their own game.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Responsible Dog Owner?

Responsible dog ownership is very important for anyone who plans to own a dog. Most elements of responsible dog ownership are common sense but they always bear repeating.

1.  Before you get a dog ask yourself if you have enough time to properly take care of him or her.  Do you have the time to housebreak and train a puppy?  Can you afford good veterinary care and good dog food?  Can you make the commitment necessary to care for a dog?  Is everyone in your home able to make the same commitment?

2.  When choosing a dog, make sure that you choose the right dog for you.  This means considering your lifestyle and circumstances.  Do you like grooming?  Do you have time to groom?  If you don’t, then don’t get a longhaired dog that requires a lot of weekly or even daily grooming.  Do you live in a small apartment?  Then you shouldn’t get a very active dog that needs lots of room to run.  (But remember that size isn’t always an indication of how active a dog is.  Some very large dogs are quite happy to sleep all day while some small dogs can be extremely active.)  Do you have children?  By all means choose a breed that’s known for being great with kids.  In other words, think before you get a dog.  Don’t choose a dog impulsively.

3.  Once you bring your new puppy or dog home be sure to take him or her to the vet for a check-up.  This is the most responsible thing you can do for several reasons:  a) You need to confirm that the seller has given you a healthy puppy or dog; b) You need to be certain that the dog will not pass on any illness to other pets; c) You should be sure that your new puppy or dog is current on vaccinations for his or her own protection and for yours.  Most cities and states require dogs to be vaccinated, at least for rabies.  Check with your city or with your vet to find out about the vaccination requirements in your area.

4.  Be sure that you provide your dog with fresh water at all times and with healthy dog food.  Educate yourself about the ingredients in dog food.  Learn what makes a good food and what your dog needs in his diet.  Not all dog foods are created equal.  Some dogs are full of cheap fillers and other foods are made of expensive organic ingredients.  Find out what your dog actually needs so you can make an informed choice about his food.

5.  Keep your dog responsibly contained and do not let him wander the neighborhood.  Virtually every city and town in North America has leash laws of some kind that require dogs to be kept leashed or on their owner’s property.  A good fence or a leash when you are walking your dog will keep your dog from roaming.  Dogs that are allowed to roam and wander may become lost or hit by cars.  If picked up they can go to animal shelters where they may be put to sleep.  Keep your dog safely contained for his own protection.

6.  If you do not intend to responsibly breed your dog you should consider having him or her neutered or spayed.  Neutering and spaying prevents unwanted pet pregnancies and saves you from having to find homes for unexpected puppies.  Responsible breeding is not easy.  It entails health testing the parents, researching pedigrees, planning and overseeing matings and researching homes for puppies.  Unless you plan to undertake these activities most pets are better off being spayed and neutered unless you have reason to believe that your dog would have a health problem with such surgery.

7.  Do the right thing for your dog even when it’s difficult.  This means that when your dog has reached the end of his days and there is no more that the vet can do for him, you will have to make the difficult decision to say goodbye.  Stay with your dog and comfort him till the end.

Being a responsible pet owner is a big job.  It means that you have to think of everything for your dog from the time before you get him until the end of your days together.  But, in return, your dog will give you all the love in his heart and soul.  It’s a good trade.

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10 Of The Best Dog Movies

10 of the Best Dog Movies Once a household pet, the man’s best friend now reins supreme as the new star of Hollywood. Our furry friends can handle anything their paws touch. From action heroes in the form of Underdog and Rex the Firehouse Dog, to our favourite American football champion Buddy. The world has gone barking mad for four pawed celebrities. Defeating villains, saving humans and showing loyalty amongst breeds, please be spoilt for choice as we celebrate canine cinema.

10. Lassie (2005) Kick starting the countdown is the classic Lassie, which sets beautiful dogs against beautiful scenery. A timeless tale of loyalty, dedication and faith charts the story of the Carraclough family. Young boy Joe, bullied at school, seeks comfort in his furry friend Lassie. When his father’s mine is decommissioned, Joe is left more miserable as his father is forced to sell loyal Lassie to the Duke. Plagued by ill treatment by the Duke’s servant, Lassie ventures home time after time. Taken to the Scottish highlands for holiday season, Lassie must embark on the toughest journey home yet. A true educational journey earns Lassie credibility and respect. Teaching our generation of kids about the tough times with our fluffy friends make Lassie an obvious family favourite.

9. Underdog (2008) An accident in Dr. Simon Barsinister’s lab gives ordinary beagle Shoeshine the extraordinary ability to talk. Complete with superhero costume, Underdog must save the city from crooks Barsinister and henchman Cad and sweep Spaniel Polly Purebred off her paws. Droopy eared cutie Shoeshine and posh Polly make quite the dashing duo. They’ll have to watch out for my dog Max though. His eyes were hooked on pretty Polly….I think he has a crush… Put your paws together for this insecure beagle come dazzling super dog.

8. Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey (1993) The legendary Homeward Bound sees a truly wonderful dog cat dog trio embark on one mighty journey. After their owner Bob has to leave for San Francisco, Shadow the Golden Retriever, Sassy the cat and American Bulldog Chance are left at a friend’s Oregan ranch. Becoming increasingly concerned for their owner’s safety, the brave trio venture across the stunning Sierras facing a host of dangerous animals, a cascading waterfall and a terrifying dog pounds. Strength and love conquer all as the heroic threesome reunite with their family. The humorous trio combined with the power of their spirited drama will have all the family hooked. Chance wins best character for me with his witty lines that will win over parents and children alike.

7. Firehouse Dog (2007) Hollywood icon Rex is living the high life until an aerial movie stunt goes wrong and the pampered pooch turns to sorry stray in the city. Rescued by troubled 12-year-old boy Shane, whose struggling father captains the ragtag crew of a rundown fire station, Rex learns that true happiness in life comes from loyalty and friendship. When the fire station is hit by an arson attack, the courageous canine rescues the boy bringing the family closer than ever. Prepare to shed a tear as Hollywood owners of the famous firedog claim him back…only to smile again as fake hero turned real hero is returned to Shane and father. Watch out for Rex’s stylish quiff and his paw-rilliant swing down the fireman’s pole!

6. Beethoven (1992) After narrowly escaping being dog knapped by two thieves, a St. Bernard puppy sneaks into the Newton family home. Later named Beethoven, the family take him to the vet for a routine medical, unaware that Dr. Herman Varnick wants Beethoven for deadly animal experimentation and employed the thieves to seize him. As father George grows more concerned about Beethoven’s ways, his family grow more attached to their slobbery addition. Cruel Varnick plots to retrieve Beethoven for his evil ploys, leaving his family to convince father George to rescue the poor pooch and put the baddies behind bars. With loads of follow on Beethoven movies, this gorgeous slobbery fella has earned the hearts of millions. An incredible family classic that will have the kids after a Saint Bernard! Check out the huge hound on the vet’s table….

5. Turner and Hooch (1989) This countdown would not be complete without the Hanks and Hooch team. Hanks plays cop Scott Turner, who bags slobbery Dogue de Bordeaux Hooch, key witness to the Amos Reed murder case Hanks has taken on. In true doggie style, the wrinkly lump of fun destroys Turner’s house and car but uses his canine intuition to help Turner win love interest Emily Carson. The Hanks and Hooch duo uncover a money-laundering act led by Turner’s Chief Howard Hyde. A scene both of honour and sadness to us doggie lovers sees Hooch give his life for his master. Happiness prevails when Turner and Emily marry and cute Collie Camille gives birth to puppies. The Hooch legacy lives on in the form of puppy Hooch look-alike. Hooch is undoubtedly the red carpet star of the show! If only there were Dogscars…

4. Air Bud Golden Receiver (1998) Scoring points with all the family is Buddy, a fit and fast golden retriever who strikes gold on the Timberwolves pitch. After his basketball player owner turns quarterback, Buddy is desperate to join and the team soon discover their star player. Trouble strikes as word spreads about the skilled sports dog and Russian circus owners plot to dognap the pooch. Donning his own helmet and uniform, Buddy, Josh and new father figure Patrick team up to overcome the villains and lead the Timberwolves to the state championship. Many, many doggy moments have earned Buddy his spot in the top five! From his cool Buddy in hat and shades look to the cheeky Buddy burps. Check out monkey Mortimer skateboarding too! Villain Natalia is a less convincing version of Cruella de Ville and even has de Ville-esque moments when she and clueless sidekick fall into a muddy lake. The movie is a tad corny in places but we can forgive those.

3. Hotel for Dogs (2009) As orphans Andi and Bruce struggle to keep dog Friday under wraps from their guardians, they discover an abandoned hotel. With the help of their trusty companions, they transform the old building into a fully-fledged 5 star pad for their growing brood of furry residents. Shed loads of dogs, awesome gadgets and the love between siblings make this a spectacular dog movie just edging Buddy. My dog couldn’t keep up watching the ultimate dog race through the city! Watch out for Lisa Kudrow’s funny performance as Andi and Bruce’s guardian. Wannabe rock star earns her place alongside partner as the hotel entertainment. Not sure the doggy residents quite feel the vibe…

2. The Shaggy Dog (2006) Just missing out on the top spot is The Shaggy Dog. Deputy District Attorney Dave Douglas is unaware that his latest client, Dr. Cozak, is in fact a criminal carrying out tests on mutant animals. When Dave is bitten by 300-year-old Shaggy the sheepdog, he is infected with a top –secret serum that sees him morph into a loveable sheepdog. Realising that he is both defending a criminal and letting his family relationships slide, he must join forces with the mutant animals to prove Cozak’s evil ways and restore his treasured relationships with his family. Starring meditating sheepdogs, rabbits and mice, a snake with a furry tail and a bulldog with a frog body, this movie is one of a kind. The mutant crew crammed in the car with Douglas is ingenious with fellow road users shocked. Tim Allen’s canine capers will have parents and children alike in stitches. Make sure you watch the extras also. Dogtastic!

1. 101 Dalmatians (1996) Please be upstanding for the ultimate dog movie: 101 Dalmatians. Perfect Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita and their owners Roger and Anita are overjoyed when Perdita gives birth to 15 puppies. When the news reaches evil Cruella De Ville’s ears, she and her goofy sidekicks Jasper and Horace conjure up a plan to steal the dogs. Dogs of the city come together to find the dogs and get them home. But 15 puppies don’t return…101 Dalmatians do! Glenn Close perfects the villain role with her daft associates bringing laughter throughout. Doggie lovers will melt at the sight of all those dogs! With their trusty pals across the city, the movie is super loaded with dogs of all breeds! A mega treat for the dog fan! The Dalmatian wedding is one of my ultimate favourite scenes in canine cinema. Another favourite will have all the family chuckling as bike-riding Roger is dragged by Pongo around London in search of Perdita only to dodge through numerous crowds, braces himself down steps and ultimately land in a dirty lake. That’s doggy love for you.

10 Of The Best Dog Movies courtesy of Dog Articles

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